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Website Speed Optimisation

What do you get? If your site is a bit sluggish, we’ll put it on a diet and get it running quicker. We have a long list of configuration tweaks that we can perform on your site to enhance the speed that it is loaded to your viewers. Including cache configuration, a manual image review, automatic processing and we’ve got other tricks up our sleeve if you want things even faster.


Hotel & Resort Online Booking

One of our core specialities is branding, websites and marketing for hospitality, particularly hotels and resorts based in Cambodia and wider Southeast Asia. We have worked on websites for everything from using custom designed and out of the box booking and reservation systems. We can assist with setting up your online booking, including taking payments by credit card or PayPal.


Brand Social Media Page Setup

Why do you need this? Many businesses use “personal” accounts or “groups” on social networks, this limits their ability to extend their network and advertise their services since personal accounts are locked down with privacy controls. For your business to properly utilise social media, you will need to have your company pages set up correctly to start with.


Website Domain Change

We can manage the process of changing your domain with no interruption to your services, and minimal affect to search engine rankings and website traffic. Changing your domain name can be a risky move, the domain name system is delicate and missing out one thing can leave your website de-indexed from Google overnight. We will ensure everything is taken care of from the DNS settings, to alerting Google of the change and redirecting all the old links. For most businesses, their websites serve a crucial part of their sales and overall revenue, we can ensure you can change your name while limiting any negative effects. Need to change your domain name for your website, email, cloud systems, servers, or on your Facebook page and your Google Apps account? We can handle it.

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