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Internet use today is dominated by millions of customers and potential customers talking about everything under the sun.  We recognise that this is an opportunity to find out exactly where people are discussing your products and services and influencing the strength of your brand.

By assessing the effectiveness of your current social media campaigns and how they compare with your competitors’ online presence, we can create a strategy that enables you to enter the room, have a voice and raise your profile, by driving traffic to your site.

Remember, Phnom Penh is a world full of people on their SmartPhones waiting to find you!



We would suggest that you go with an initial audit of your social media forums to see what your starting point is.  Naturally we will also look at your key competitors too so that you can make sure you are positioned to win.  Once we have done this we can provide you with a full marketing strategy and either help you to source the right people to implement this or work with you current team to roll the strategy out.

It might be that you need to increase the number of or change the number of networks you participate in.  We can help you select the right profile for you so that you maximise your audience.  By monitoring the right communities, you can have a presence where and when it counts.

This might mean gaining access to the blogosphere!  Whether it be providing quality copy or teaching you how to interact with other bloggers to improve your brand, we can develop your strategy.  And if you need us to set you up from scratch, that’s also possible.



Social Media Marketing is just one aspect to what we do.  But a very significant one.  Social Media has not stopped gaining momentum and here in South East Asia: social media use, and particularly Facebook, is the highest in the world.  As internet penetration across the region increases, so will the opportunities for growth.  We can help you to grab that opportunity.

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