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You might be the best business owner in the world, but in an increasingly virtual environment, perception of what you do will be just as key to your success as your actual work.  Phnom Penh is a small city and your reputation can either be the launch of your success or your downfall.  So we take a proactive approach to managing possible issues.

Whether it be former employees taking misguided revenge, or underhand competitive tactics, it is wise to be mindful of their potential influence before they seek to tarnish your image.  It is also clever to be aware of your main affiliations online.  Reputation can be damaged as much by association as by real human error.

Let’s face it, for the sake of a few hours, it just makes sense to pay a few 100 dollars to prevent any damage as opposed to a few 1000 dollars repairing what has already been done.



ORM is also about taking advantage of the positive opportunity the internet offers to reflect a really positive business image.  SEOfixup knows exactly how to optimise the message you want to convey, making the virtual world work for you.   By enhancing the good stuff and turning the volume down on any negative noise, (making sure Google searches don’t find it so easily), you can protect your brand, even when third parties are doing things you have little or no control over.



As we have established, simple haters to covert tactical PR can really affect the impression you give. Our consultants can minimise the impact by making sure you get to have your voice, without it being stifled.

We have the technical know-how to select the right software tools that meet your requirements, be it meeting a tight budget, a full rebranding exercise or regular ongoing maintenance.  As usual we provide partnership consultancy with in-house teams or standalone experts advising on a full ORM strategy through to implementation.

Let us help you say what you mean and let your customers experience that you mean what you say.

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