Managed Web Hosting Services

We offer managed web hosting services where you need extra support.

Need to manage your servers and website?

Managed web hosting and email services, we can help you outsource your IT department and have everything taken care of without worry.

We can set up, monitor, provide support and maintain custom servers, websites, cloud applications, email accounts, and almost any other related IT areas. Managing data and website security are also key areas of our service, ensuring that your business and customer data are kept secure at all times.

Stop hackers and malware from infecting and damaging your website and your web reputation. We’ll protect and monitor your website, web apps, and servers to keep them clean and free from any problems.

Responding to issues including site availability, networking & firewall, server resources, blacklist & reputation management, and more. We also cover SEO related issues related to redirects, domain name changes, and other site structure that can have significant impacts in the search engine results.

Our local and international partners can provide a range of services to your company both on-site and remotely.

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Security & Backups
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