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WordPress Website Hosting

Hosting your WordPress site both large and small scale.

Specialised WordPress CMS Hosting

Hosting from WordPress professionals

All our hosting packages are “WordPress Ready” so you are good to go right from the start. Which package you choose depends on how big or complex your website is, if you only have a simple site with a few plugins, then you’ll be fine with our Standard Hosting package.

For larger sites and businesses you may want extra peace of mind from the additional resources of our Business Hosting package, or if you have larger email storage requirements.

Large and complex websites with a lot of user interaction and ten or more plugins will likely benefit from our Enterprise Hosting package.

You can install WordPress right from your control panel through the software installer.

Sign up for your web hosting through this page to have WordPress automatically installed on your site, so you can started building your website right away.

Website Hosting in Cambodia