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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Packages

Solutions for businesses with high security and privacy requirements.


Sorry, we are currently unable to offer Cambodia VPS hosting.

We will update this page if we are able to offer VPS again in the future.

Who is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for?

Choosing the right hosting package

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) packages are suited for specific hosting needs. Companies that run multiple websites or have large email requirements, to development agencies or custom apps. You have complete control over your VPS as if it is a server in your own office – and with our local peering it may be just as fast! This package also includes a dedicated IP address, so you have your own private address behind your domain name.

You can host anything you can host on regular shared hosting, a VPS package can handle multiple fully dynamic websites utilising images, video content, and extended functionality through scripting and databases. The perfect place to develop your web app or business presence on the internet.

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Generous Disk Space

Plenty of expandable disk storage is available on the VPS packages. Store and archive files, emails along with a full interactive website with gigs of space. You can store your business life on a private remote server.


Private Email Servers

Since your Virtual Private Server is private just for you - your emails are more secure too and are unaffected by others hosted on the server. You can set up unlimited email accounts on the domains hosted on your VPS.


Unmetered Data Transfer

Unmetered transfer allowance to cater to larger visitor numbers and staff email use. You can host large files and media rich websites.


Dedicated Resources

Your VPS has its own CPU and RAM which will always be available. You don't share server resources with anyone else - it's more secure too.

Quick Overview

VPS Packages

  • Dedicated CPU
  • 1, 2 or 4 CPU Cores
  • Dedicated Memory
  • 256MB to 4096MB RAM
  • Control Panel of Choice
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • SSL Ready
  • Apache/PHP/MySQL Ready
  • Your Own Private Server
  • Customisable Software
  • Upgrades Available
  • Choice of OS
  • Additional IPs Available
  • Cambodia Data Centre
  • x86 64bit Architecture
  • Redundant Connectivity
  • Secure Firewall
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
  • Add-ons Available

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