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Everything you need to keep your website online.

If you have a website, you need web hosting.

Every website needs a server somewhere to live on. When a visitor types the website address in their browser, the request is sent from their computer to the server. The server processes the request and sends back the web page the visitor wants.

We provide the server for your website to live on.

A server is an ultra-reliable computer that usually located in a data centre – a purpose built, climate controlled environment to keep servers running in optimum condition. These data centres have fast internet connections and networking equipment to direct the information to your website visitors. When a visitor accesses your website, the data is processed by the server and delivered over the internet to the visitor.

One regular website only needs a small amount of server power to run. So most sites will share their servers with hundreds, if not thousands of other websites.


Renting server space for your business

It could be likened to renting an office unit in a skyscraper for your business to use. Your company needs an office address and somewhere to work, just like your website needs a server and a domain name to locate it.

The office building houses hundreds of offices for different companies but their mail, internet, and the building itself are shared between the tenants. Servers typically house many websites, all sharing the same physical hardware and network connections.

When someone visits or dials your office on the phone, they are directed via the receptionist or phone system to where they need to go. Just as when they visit your website, our servers direct the visitor to where your website is located so they can interact with it.

Like the management of an office block, we rent you a space on our servers and provide the systems to keep everything running. so you can focus on operating your business.


Time to get technical?

Our systems run Linux CentOS servers with up to date versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL for the database. By default, cPanel is configured on all hosting accounts, which offers a simple interface to administrate your web hosting account.


Please email us if you would like further information about our web hosting platform.


We have hosting packages to fit all needs from students to large businesses

If you need any help choosing a hosting package then contact us at and we will be happy to help.

The Fastest Web Hosting Service Available In Cambodia

We have the benefit of extra bandwidth for domestic customers within Cambodia and great regional connectivity around the Southeast Asia region.

Why Switch Web Hosting?

You can be enjoying faster speeds immediately.

It can be tricky sometimes to change your web host, since this is likely where your business critical emails also go before ending up in your inbox, so obviously you don’t want to interrupt these vital services. But sometimes there can be very good reasons to switch, and it can be a very seamless process to upgrade you to our platform.

You may be experiencing slow speeds, or connectivity problems with your current website hosting or email, especially when accessing from certain countries or connections. In these cases it makes sense to get a server nearer home.

Many web hosts “over sell” their disk space and bandwidth, often promising “unlimited” accounts which are not physically possible. They cram thousands of websites onto each server, which means background resource limits have to be set very low. We keep our servers healthy and ensure that none are over-subscribed, this ensures you won’t be sharing with too many other websites so you’ll have more resources and your website will be a lot more reliable.

We ensure that all websites on our servers have a fair amount of memory to handle a standard CMS platform such as WordPress, and for those high traffic moments we can configure caching and increase your memory and disk limits. For super high resource websites we suggest contacting our team for a custom solution.

We offer free website migration with any of our web hosting packages, so you can be assured that it won’t take up too much of your time to switch to






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