Country Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Get your .kh, .th, .la, .mm, .id, .my, .sg, .hk and more.

Country Specific Domains

Registration process varies by country

Can I have a country domain name like .uk / .au / .th / .kh / .sg / .my / .vn / or others?

The answer is yes, but each country manages their domain names differently – and with varying levels of automation. So while registering a or is a pretty simple process just as easy as registering a .com, whereas in many Southeast Asian countries for example, there are other controls and requirements – commonly you must have a business name registration in the country and then you are permitted to have a matching domain name with the country extension. The great thing about this is that it is much easier to get a great name as it prevents people squatting on company names, and if your market is only in that country it’s often a good solution if you have the right documents in order.

You can register many country level domain names directly through us, but others such as for Cambodia require additional offline processing. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

.Asia Domain Extension

I like the sound of .asia

So do many other people, Asia is booming and the market for your business could well be growing fast.

We like .asia as an alternative to a .com, where you can’t find a good .com. Finding a good .com these days can be an impossibility, and usually you will need to append descriptor text to your name such as industry or location. Let’s say there is a company based in Singapore called Media Library, or some such generic name, this company could never find something like available, so would have to go for or grab the country specific domain, but that’s not much good if your market is international. A good alternative is, if they are focusing on the Asian market.

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