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Our WordPress blog posts cover everything from getting started, plugin and theme reviews, tips and tricks for creating and maintaining your website. We hope you find our WordPress articles interesting whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Best WordPress Plugins: Build Core Functionality

Posted by Mr WordPress in WordPress

Best WordPress Plugins: Build Core Functionality
You can use this list of the best WordPress plugins to put together your essential website functionality. From contact forms to galleries, FAQs, events, testimonials and job listings. Chances are that there is a good reliable and secure WordPress plugin that will cover your needs. The Best Contact Form PluginsThe most widely…

WordPress Theme Design Trends

Posted by Mr WordPress in Web Design & Photography, WordPress

WordPress Theme Design Trends
Utilising current theme design trends in website design are an easy way for you to make your website stand out, even if your site content is boring or is “just another directory”, or for an industry that is usually not overly technical it can make a very positive impression and…

WordPress Themes & Plugins Explained

Posted by Mr WordPress in WordPress

WordPress Themes & Plugins Explained
One of the main questions is the choice between WordPress theme functionality or WordPress plugin functionality. The current themes and plugins on offer for WordPress have a lot of cross-over nowadays. Much of the functionality you would expect to find in plugins, is actually often better offered by themes, or…

Why Use a CMS Platform?

Posted by Mr WordPress in Getting Started, WordPress

Why Use a CMS Platform?
If we compare things to completely custom development – or based on a framework that requires hand coding, then using a CMS platform like WordPress comes out on top for three key reasons. CostEven if you are not developing yourself, a website agency or freelancer will set up a template for…

Security Upgraded After Widespread WordPress Vulnerabilities

Posted by HostAsean Editor in HostAsean News, Web Hosting, Website Security, WordPress

Website Login Security
There have been widespread WordPress security vulnerabilities in April 2015, much relating to premium themes and plugins from popular theme marketplaces.We have increased our security and locked down our servers so that even if malware gets into your website, it is prevented from sending spam and other detrimental activity.It is also…

Get your website started quickly with WordPress

Posted by HostAsean Editor in Getting Started, Web Hosting, WordPress

Get your website started quickly
It’s easy for anyone to get started with WordPress and build their own website these days. All our hosting accounts come with the great Softaculous installer which will get WordPress installed for you with just a few clicks.Once you have WordPress installed, you should find yourself a nice WordPress theme to…

WooCommerce Vulnerability Fixed – Update to 2.3.6 Now

Posted by Mr WordPress in HostAsean News, Website Security, WordPress

WooCommerce Vulnerability Fixed - Update to 2.3.6 Now
The WordFence blog has discovered a small vulnerability in WooCommerce 2.3.5, the latest version until today’s new release.This WooCommerce vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to exploit an SQL Injection attack and run their own code on your site, however as the exploit is in the admin area, it is limited to…
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