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Using WordPress on Mobile Devices

Posted by Mr WordPress on 29 02 2016. 0 Comments

I’m typing this post on my mobile phone, an inexpensive Samsung Galaxy something with a 5″ screen. After playing around with the WordPress admin interface a bit, I’ll start by saying that most things work absolutely fine. If you are logging in with a specific need to update something quickly or…

5 Reasons To Use WordPress For Business Websites

Posted by HostAsean Editor on 22 02 2016. 0 Comments

WordPress powers millions of business websites and is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the entire internet. The WordPress platform enables you to create anything from single landing pages to smart corporate websites, expansive listing portals, and almost any other purpose built applications that you can dream of.…

Using Khmer Language In WordPress & WPML

Posted by Mr WordPress on 15 02 2016. 0 Comments

This is by no means a fully comprehensive guide to adding Khmer language to your website, and there are many ways to achieve the same results, but from our experience we have found this method to work very simply. You will be able to get going with your multi-lingual or…

XMLRPC Attacks – Secure Your WordPress Website

Posted by Mr WordPress on 11 02 2016. 0 Comments

Recently we have noticed more and more frequent attacks on the xmlrpc.php file in WordPress, this can cause a number of problems for a website owner from resource usage up to malicious hacking attempts to gain access to the website or data.The xmlrpc.php file contains a function that enables external…

The 3 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Posted by Mr WordPress on 08 02 2016. 0 Comments

When it comes to having a website, one of your main concerns is how to keep it safe, secure, and free from hackers, malware or hijackers. These WordPress security plugins can help you keep your data safe.We have compiled this short list of our three top plugins to secure your…

10 Quick WordPress Tips To Fix Broken Websites

Posted by Mr WordPress on 01 02 2016. 0 Comments

Are you having problems with your WordPress site? These quick WordPress tips can often help resolve common issues such as a blank white screen, 403, 404 or 503 errors, broken permalinks, plugin and theme compatibility issues, and many more.WordPress Tips & Tricks: Something wrong? It is always worth trying these things…

Let’s Build a Directory – Themes for WordPress

Posted by Mr WordPress on 07 12 2015. 0 Comments

Let’s Build a Directory – Themes for Directories & ListingsA directory is a unique challenge, and there are a lot of options on offer as far as both themes and plugins go. I can save you time and suggest you skip any free plugins, since no one is prepared to…

“Exception thrown” Error on NextGEN Gallery & WordPress

Posted by Mr WordPress on 16 11 2015. 0 Comments

No software is perfect and WordPress is no exception. With all the third-party theme and plugins we use it is no wonder that some of them don’t play nice all the time, and an update that may fix one thing can break another that goes unnoticed in the background.We’ve had…

Sales & Landing Page Themes for WordPress

Posted by Mr WordPress on 09 11 2015. 0 Comments

I Want a Website that Converts SalesOk, first question is, do you have a product to sell? If so, then great, build a website around high converting landing pages to link up with your marketing campaigns and focus everything around sales. This works best if your product can be purchased…

Industry Specific WordPress Themes

Posted by Mr WordPress on 02 11 2015. 0 Comments

You can find a ton of industry-specific themes, often something that fits your industry perfectly, especially for hotels, bars, restaurants, but even for example the education sector has a selection of very thoroughly developed themes incorporating advanced features.This section covers picking a premium theme to build a fairly simple but…

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