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Get the most out of your web hosting package with the help of our articles. Covering aspects of web hosting including initial setup, configuration, speed optimisation, SEO, and security. Help your website perform better, be more secure against attacks, and get optimum reliability wherever you host your website.

How to get your website online with HostAsean

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How to get your website online with HostAsean
Our website is designed to be user friendly and be easy for everyone to use. Here are the basic steps that you need to take to configure your domain name, get your website online, and set up your email accounts with us. These steps are designed to be simple and…

Security Upgraded After Widespread WordPress Vulnerabilities

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Website Login Security
There have been widespread WordPress security vulnerabilities in April 2015, much relating to premium themes and plugins from popular theme marketplaces.We have increased our security and locked down our servers so that even if malware gets into your website, it is prevented from sending spam and other detrimental activity.It is also…

Get your website started quickly with WordPress

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Get your website started quickly
It’s easy for anyone to get started with WordPress and build their own website these days. All our hosting accounts come with the great Softaculous installer which will get WordPress installed for you with just a few clicks.Once you have WordPress installed, you should find yourself a nice WordPress theme to…

Choosing Your Domain Name

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Choosing your domain name
Choosing your domain name can be very difficult these days since so many have already been registered. Ideally you want something memorable, short, and brandable. Almost everything is already taken but it is still possible to get a good .com with some simple tips.Be a bit abstractNames of food, fruit, flowers…
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