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Themes Have Fantastic Contact Pages

Posted by Mr WordPress on 12 10 2015. 0 Comments

A bonus you get with themes that is usually not given much acknowledgement is the contact pages and integration with Google Maps and contact form plugins. Typically contact us pages can be a little sparse and devoid of content, particularly for online-only businesses that don’t have a physical presence.Most themes…

Read the Documentation – Check it Before You Buy

Posted by Mr WordPress on 05 10 2015. 0 Comments

Before buying a theme check out it’s documentation, the best themes offer comprehensive installation instructions and full details of any shortcodes that are used, and which pages use what template, and so on. On the other hand you can get a theme that has hardly any or no documentation at…

Demo Content is Great

Posted by Mr WordPress on 14 09 2015. 0 Comments

I love demo content, sometimes you get lucky with a theme and you get real words that you can edit and modify into your own copy instead of lorem ipsum.Loading and then working with and modifying the demo content when building your site is often the difference between a fantastic…

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