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Different Image Sources – Stay Legal with Image Licenses

Posted by Mr WordPress on 23 11 2015. 0 Comments

Image licensing has a number of facets, you have licenses for specific uses, usually from photographers, you have royalty free licenses which are basically “do what you want” from many stock websites, and you have the uncertain world of Creative Commons & Attribution licenses, and the Public Domain which can…

Finding & Using Stock Photo Websites

Posted by Mr WordPress on 19 10 2015. 0 Comments

The most impactful way to customise your shiny new WordPress theme so that it looks like you or your business, rather than the demo content, is to change the photographs used. Many themes integrate images for large image headers, header and content sliders, and parallax “in between” sections and backgrounds…

Theme Your Photo Stock – Look a Million Dollars

Posted by Mr WordPress on 28 09 2015. 0 Comments

Here is a designer’s tip, give your photos a theme and download a range of 10 photos. Close up and selective focus shots with simple subjects and are best for website sliders, headers and backgrounds where text is often layered on top. and they don’t even have to be relevant…

Finding images for your website

Posted by HostAsean Editor on 03 07 2015. 0 Comments

Using images on your website is highly important. Many users just scan pages as opposed to reading them fully. Images are the aspect of an article that will instantly imprint on the users mind. This will grab their attention and make them more likely to stop and read your website…

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