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5 Reasons To Use WordPress For Business Websites

Posted by HostAsean Editor on 22 02 2016. 0 Comments

WordPress powers millions of business websites and is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the entire internet. The WordPress platform enables you to create anything from single landing pages to smart corporate websites, expansive listing portals, and almost any other purpose built applications that you can dream of.…

Get Your Newsletter Started (and Keep It Compliant)

Posted by Mr WordPress on 31 08 2015. 0 Comments

Sign up to MailChimp and integrate it with your website through any number of widgets and plugins, I’d just go for one of the simple ones but I have had success with some of the automatic newsletter plugins too.You can have your blog content automatically loaded into your MailChimp newsletter,…

Building A Website: Checklist

Posted by Mr WordPress on 17 08 2015. 0 Comments

You Will Need Some Things, Here is a Checklist.Make sure you have, or can obtain or create, all the nuts and bolts that you will need to build your new website. Beyond the obvious essentials like a computer and an internet connection, this is what you will need:A domain name Some…

Finding a WordPress Theme: Where To Start?

Posted by Mr WordPress on 10 08 2015. 0 Comments

Don’t know where to start? Start with some Google-Fu (that means ‘advanced Googling techniques’ in English) and simply search for other people’s lists. Yep, blogs love making lists of stuff, and the best free and premium WordPress themes and plugins in various categories are one of those things. Try it,…

Building A Website: Step By Step Overview

Posted by Mr WordPress on 27 07 2015. 0 Comments

Quick OverviewHave a look at this step by step overview and make sure you are comfortable with all the steps required. There is a lot more information to find about each step, but you can treat this as your master plan.Think about your idea and concept for your new website, what do…

Domain Names, Web Hosting & Email Explained

Posted by Mr WordPress on 20 07 2015. 0 Comments

This is the part of website creation that the average person will encounter, especially if they are an individual consultant or small business owner, unless you have your domain registered for you, then you have probably used a domain name registrar and it’s under your control.There is one fundamental thing…

Why Use a CMS Platform?

Posted by Mr WordPress on 29 06 2015. 0 Comments

If we compare things to completely custom development – or based on a framework that requires hand coding, then using a CMS platform comes out on top for three key reasons. CostEven if you are not developing yourself, a website agency or freelancer will set up a template for you at…

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