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Options for e-commerce and online payments in Cambodia.

Helping you set up online payment gateways in Cambodia

After many years of development, e-commerce is getting started in Cambodia. We offer consulting services to help you get started with Cambodia online payment gateways and e-commerce.

E-Commerce can be difficult in emerging markets. If you run retail business in Cambodia and wish to start selling online, you have probably faced many challenges due to the lack of infrastructure. We can work with international banks, local Cambodian banks, and local mobile payment providers to achieve solutions that work for our clients and their customer base.

Cambodian based banks now offer Merchant Account and Online Payment Gateway services, along with innovative mobile payment options tailored specifically for the Cambodian market. Combined with reliable international package delivery along with local delivery options, selling online from Cambodia has never been more viable.










Website Consulting

With over 15 years of technical website experience from both a frontend user and backend programming perspective, we can advise and facilitate the most suitable products for your business.


Cambodia Experience

Knowledge is nothing without experience of the market that you are either selling to, or from. We have worked with industries ranging from agriculture, retail, media, and many more which gives us a thorough grasp of the Cambodian market.


E-Commerce Consulting

With unique challenges in the Cambodian market, each business requires different options depending on their choice of company and banking locations.


Multiple Payment Options

We assist our customers with setting up and managing multiple payment options for their online businesses. Merchant accounts and payment gateways can be linked to both local and international accounts.

Banks, Credit Cards & Payment Gateways

We can work with all the local payment providers plus international banks and payment gateway providers such as PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, WorldPay,,, and many more.



Our E-Commerce & Online Payments Team

We can advise on your Cambodia payment gateway requirements.

We are a team of internet, website, financial and security professionals with experience in Cambodia for the last two decades. From watching the infancy of banking in the country to the current emergence of e-commerce, we are placed to advise and consult on matters relating to online payments in Cambodia.

With a wide array of established websites that we have assisted we hope our track record speaks for itself. We believe that just as in much of the world where e-commerce has almost all but replaced retail, the same is inevitable in Cambodia and that now is the ideal time to explore such services.

E-Commerce faces various problems in emerging markets such as Cambodia. International systems such as PayPal do not allow withdrawls to local bank accounts so even the simplest vendors will struggle. It is only recently that the local Cambodian based banks have started offering merchant account and online payment gateway solutions which enable businesses to now take advantage.



Frequently Asked Questions



What services can you provide?
We provide e-commerce consulting services that specialise in developing countries where online payments are not widely used or even available for merchants.

Can you build an online shop for me?
Yes, see our Website Design & Development or contact to discuss your needs.

So, I can accept payments in Cambodia?
We should be able to find an option for you, either a local bank with a Cambodia payment gateway or an international provider where suited.

What are all the steps required to accept online payments?
It’s a process involving company registration, bank accounts, merchant accounts and payment gateways – all depending on the size and location of your business. It can be simple, we’ll give you all the options you need.

Can you process payments for me?
No, but we can help you set everything up that you need to accept payments online.

How do people pay me on my website?
We can help you to set up an online store or integrate your systems with a payment gateway. For retail shops, it is common to use WordPress & WooCommerce to manage your products and sell online.



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