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Building A Website: Step By Step Overview

Posted by Mr WordPress on 27 07 2015. in Getting Started

Building A Website: Step By Step Overview

Quick Overview

Have a look at this step by step overview and make sure you are comfortable with all the steps required. There is a lot more information to find about each step, but you can treat this as your master plan.

  1. Think about your idea and concept for your new website, what do you want it to do, what problems can it solve, what revenue can it add?
  2. Find and register a domain name, it can be hard to find a great one but do your best.
  3. Sign up for website hosting.
  4. Set up your email hosting, this is usually the same as your web hosting
  5. Plan your content
  6. Find an awesome theme and buy it
  7. Pick some plugins to try and buy them
  8. Log in to your hosting and install WordPress
  9. Follow the theme instructions and install it
  10. Install the Plugins
  11. Install the theme demo content
  12. You’re now looking at a shiny new website!
  13. Write content to fit in each section of your theme
  14. Sign up for a stock image subscription and download 20-30 images for your website
  15. Load the photos and images into the sections allocated in the theme and sliders
  16. Set up your content and menus, generally get your website loaded up
  17. Finalise and add any widgets
  18. If you know any CSS, do some tweaks and get everything looking right, or hire a web developer for a few hours to tidy things up.
  19. Set up social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any others that you fancy, the more the better but only if you use them.
  20. Launch your website
  21. Start marketing and keep your content and blog updated.
  22. Install WordPress core, theme and plugin updates when released.

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