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Know someone who wants web hosting?

As a member of our Affiliate Programme, you can earn 15% of their hosting bill each and every time they pay. When you refer new customers to us, you can earn credit from each successful sign-up. Once the customer has successfully signed up to the billing system and has been with us for 30 days, your account is credited with 15% of the new customers' payment.This does not just relate to their first payments - instead, for as long as the customer remains with us, you will receive 15% of their payments, whether they pay monthly, quarterly or annually!


What happens once I have joined the Affiliate Programme?

Once you've been activated as an Affiliate, you'll be able to see a unique Affiliate link which you can use to direct your referrals as potential customers through to us.Visitors clicking the link will be directed to our website, where they can select from any of our web hosting products. The unique link ensures that payments are credited to the correct account.From the Affiliates tab in your Client Area, you can monitor your account credits, and request withdrawal of the credit to be used for hosting services or as a cash payout once every 30 days.


How will it benefit me?

For every person you refer, if they signup as a customer, you will receive credit in your account for 15% of the value of the new customers' payment.You can use this credit to pay for any HostAsean services or withdraw it as cash.


How do I join the Affiliate Programme?

The Affiliate Programme works through the Client Area within the billing system. Log into your account as normal, and within the Client Area, there is a tab called 'Affiliate'. Click on the 'Activate Affiliate Account' button, and your Affiliate account will be set up. You can then immediately provide potential customers with your unique link.


What if the customers don't sign up straight away?

The customer will receive a cookie that stores the fact that they came through your link for up to 90 days. So if someone clicks through via your Affiliate link, leaves and then signs up for an account within the next 90 days, you will still receive your Affiliate credit for that person providing they remain a customer for 30 days.


Where can I advertise my affiliate link?

Most of our affiliate partners put their link on their own website or blog and drive traffic from there. Perhaps you run a business that has a similar customer base, and you wish to earn commission selling an additional product.Social media is also great for sales leads, posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks can get you great results if you have a lot of followers.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, Terms and Conditions do apply to this programme and use of our hosting packages is subject to our Service Agreement. Any changes to the Affiliate programme will be advised via the website.If you have any additional questions, please contact Support.


How do I spend my credit?

Within the Client Area of the billing system, your Affiliates tab shows a summary of your Affiliate activity. There is also a button to Request Withdrawal. Clicking this will send a withdrawal request through to us as a support ticket, and we will contact you to confirm the amount you want to withdraw.Credit will be available to withdraw from 30 days after we receive the referred customers' payments. Once withdrawn, all credit can be spent within the billing system on our hosting products or withdrawn as cash (maximum of one cash payout every 30 days).
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