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It can be tricky sometimes to change your web host, since this is likely where your business critical emails also go before ending up in your inbox, so obviously you don’t want to interrupt these vital services.

But sometimes there can be very good reasons to switch, and it can be a very seamless process to upgrade you to our platform.

You may be experiencing slow speeds, or connectivity problems with your current website hosting or email, especially when accessing from certain countries or connections. In these cases it makes sense to get a server nearer home.

Sometimes you might be getting “Out of Memory” errors on your website, this is usually down to the shared hosting environment you are probably currently on. Many web hosts “over sell” their disk space and bandwidth, often promising “unlimited” accounts which are not physically possible. They cram thousands of websites onto each server, which means background resource limits have to be set very low.

We ensure that all websites on our servers have a fair amount of memory to handle a standard CMS platform such as WordPress, and for those high traffic moments we can configure caching and burstable memory up to 2GB. For super high resource websites, we suggest signing up for a Content Delivery Network (CDN) covering different locations, this provides additional local servers to serve your static website content.

The Fastest Web Hosting Service Available In Cambodia

We have the benefit of extra bandwidth within Cambodia and great connectivity around the Southeast Asia region.

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