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About HostAsean

Who we are and what we do.

Why HostAsean?

Benefits we can offer our customers

We focus on offering the fastest affordable website hosting for businesses, organisations, and individuals based in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and other countries around ASEAN and Southeast Asia. Our expertise is finding the best solution to reach markets with limited internet speeds and connectivity. By partnering with local internet service providers we can offer unparalleled connectivity for websites operating 100% within Cambodia, or with our regional peering we can offer the fastest connection from Cambodia and a network of international peers if your market is based around the globe.

Website hosting for Cambodia offers unique challenges which are shared by other countries that have a developing network infrastructure.


HostAsean is located in the middle of the ASEAN region



What our web hosting clients say…

“With Travel Begins at 40’s global audience we consider website speed to be very important – for both our visitors and SEO performance. HostAsean has managed our web hosting since 2017. With their expert help our website has achieved consistent page load times under 3 seconds for all our worldwide readers.”

— Mark Bibby Jackson, Founder & Editor, Travel Begins at 40



Our Location

Where we are

We are registered in the UK and we have representative office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our network covers the whole of ASEAN and Southeast Asia and our key markets are Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.

Our Asia servers are located in Cambodia and Singapore to ensure excellent connectivity and a local Asia hub.

We have begun deploying a series of geographically dispersed servers, which will act as what’s commonly referred to as a private cloud network and will continue to add additional services and locations as we progress with our plans.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The capital city of Cambodia and the home of our primary servers in a central T2+ data centre. Our Phnom Penh representatives serve as technical, sales and support contacts for our many Phnom Penh based customers. Our Phnom Penh hub forms the core of the web hosting network we are rolling out all over Southeast Asia.


London, UK

A traditional global hub for services and finance, our UK registered office enables us to offer additional payment gateway options over what is available locally in Cambodia. We also base our hosting legal agreements on UK law with some aspects adapted for the geographic locations of our servers.


Additional Server Locations

We operate web hosting servers in Singapore where some of our worldwide customers are hosted. Additional worldwide server locations provide supporting services such as domain name (DNS) servers, mail, monitoring, and cloud data storage to support our primary web servers.

Hosting in Southeast Asia

Cambodia, and other developing countries have been overcoming a hurdle, in that their growth and demand for internet has increased dramatically, whereas the international links are still limited and so speeds are slow.

One solution for long loading times is to simply locate the server as close as you can to the geographic region you are serving. In many cases, websites are hosted in the USA, which offers better latency to Asia than Europe (~250ms vs ~350ms), but is still high. Servers based in Singapore, Japan, and Korea have latencies varying between 70-200ms.

After setting up our servers testing from connections in Cambodia, we received a 5ms ping time. This is far superior to anything beyond locating a server within your office itselfy. Locating the server in Cambodia is the ideal solution, since it also enjoys excellent connectivity with the rest of the region and the world.

Our main customer base covers Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and other Southeast Asian countries. Due to the fast growing nature of many countries, the demand for websites and email is high, but the connectivity still immature. Any regional locations near our Phnom Penh data centre can benefit from moving their website to us. If your business operates in Asia but hosts its websites outside of Asia then you are probably getting decreased speeds because of it.





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